Airport / Airplane

Amongst other creative and unique features of the People's Film City, the Airplane Restaurant is one such that you must visit. As the name suggests, this is a restaurant inside an airplane. The interiors are so thoughtfully designed that once inside, you will automatically feel like you are having your meal while up in the sky.

Like a real airplane there are windows to let you have a look outside while you are enjoying your delicious meal. There are 30 sitters inside the airplane and the entire area is designed in a way that looks like an actual airplane environment.

To make it look more real there is also a cockpit wherein a digital screen will show you the exterior from much high above the ground. This will surely make you feel you are flying. In simple words, this is an experience which you may not have had before. And keeping that thing in mind the People's Film City has created an artificial plane with a restaurant inside it so that people can make the most of their time here.