Conference / Banquet Hall

Apart from offering all sorts of monuments and other recreational places to its visitors and film makers, the People's Film City has few more things to offer you all. There are many portions within the film city which we have already described as ideal for arranging an outdoor reception. But different people have different choices. Hence, there are different solutions offered by the People's Film City.
There are huge banquet halls within the film city, specially designed for all those who prefer their reception to happen indoors. These banquet halls are very beautifully decorated and their structure is so planned that no one would ever feel stuffy inside. It's spacious enough and elegant, hence you won't have to worry if the head count for guests are slightly up in numbers.  
To give your wedding a royal appearance, take a look at the banquet halls, you may find here what you were looking for. 
For corporate houses who are planning for a weekend trip to help their employees relax and also give them some wonderful training through conferences, this is exactly the one you have been looking for. The conference halls in the People's Film City are large enough to accommodate sufficient employees keeping enough space for your projectors and presentations and all. 
Besides all these, whether it's a conference or a marriage reception, there is enough room to put your buffet for the guests. So they won't have to travel all the way to the food court. Thus in all aspects, the People's Film City has taken care of almost all of your needs, hence just relax and step into this world, everything else will be taken care of by the film city.