People's Mall

You are inside the film city does not mean that you are disconnected from the rest of the world. Whatever you could think of, is right there within the film city itself. Consider a moment you are out on a holiday and you wish to buy a new dress, well in the film city you won't have to worry about that. The People's Mall is there to meet all your needs. 
Situated within the film city, the People's Mall has got stores for all the leading brands from all over the world that you can think of. So even if it's an unplanned trip, you can easily get anything and everything you need from the store of your choice in the People's Mall. 
And just like any other mall, it also comes with a four screen multiplex to offer you the latest movies. So if you have had enough of hanging around the film city and wish lay back for a while and catch your favorite film, then you just don't have to worry. You can do it any moment at any of the screens in the multiplex.  
There is also a kids zone in it. So when you are with your family and your kid is looking for a fun time, you need not to find a place, it's already there for your kid. 
What's more, the People's Film City is actually a city within a city. It will give you the feeling of being away from your day to day hectic life and take you to a world of dreams, but it will not actually disconnect you from the comforts or needs of your entertainment. Doesn't matter if it's a long trip or short, you are always connected and you have all you need. Just make your mind and walk into the mall and grab what you need.