People's Film City is a one stop solution for all major facilities related to production and post production. On demand and as per requirement, actors, singers, script writers, directors, sound-recordists, editors, animators and various other creative and technical personnel are provided by the Films Division located within the Film City.

Apart from a wide spectrum of sets and locations (both real and artificial), the Film City also provides state-of-the art technical infrastructure and facilities. These include an Animation Studio with high powered Apple Mac Pro Machines capable of producing quality 3D-Animation films and special effect tasks.

Panasonic 4K camera, Sony PMW Ex1 and Canon EOS 7D High Definition digital cameras available with the Films Division render quality video output.

A well-equipped Sound Studio with a gamut of equipment like mixers, microphones, pro-tools enabled system can handle varied sound related tasks like dubbing, mixing, voice-over recording, music recording, etc. quite efficiently.

Decent Editing work can be done on NVIDIA GeForce GT 9400 enabled Adobe Premier Pro Windows System available with us. A dual-screen FCP edit set-up is planned very soon.