Do you have a large sequence to shoot in a college? Is your film based on college students and their college life? Are you thinking of making a set of a college or trying to use a college during vacations with too many extras to fill in as students? Well these are the common questions that may come to your mind when you have a college sequence to shoot. But now this problem is solved.

The People's University is here to help you shoot your film in a real college location, with real students passing by here and there. So you don't need to hire any extras and shoot during vacations or even make a set. The University and its colleges can be a part of your film and it is going to give you an authentic look for sure.

The People's University is one of the most talked about educational establishments in Madhya Pradesh. A private university with an ISO 9001:2008 certification, the People's University is recognized under the UGC and all other authentic statutory bodies and councils. The People's University is considered as the largest private university of Central India and also the largest single-campus University of Central India.  Eco-friendly campus is home to several architecturally striking. Tree-lined avenues and lush lawns dotted with beautiful flowering shrubs soothe the eye and create an ideal learning environment. Spread across almost 70 acres of land near the National Highway No. 86, the University has been running successful courses in almost all segments – medical, dental, pharmacy, paramedical, ayurveda, business management, hotel management, technology, mass communication and research & development. Every passing year the number of students in the affiliated colleges is steadily growing.

The People's University is also a part of the Film City and several mainstream Bollywood films including the Sunny Deol starrer ‘Singh Saab The Great’, Prakash Jha’s ‘Jai Gangajal’ and Akshay Khanna starrer ‘Gali Gali mein Chor hai’ have been shot here with real college students. Almost 16 colleges and institutes affiliated to the University have been done tastefully designed and give a vibrant and lively look to the campus. 

So if you think of making a film based on college life and you have a college like the Imperial College of Engineering of ‘3 Idiots’ in mind, you can find it here at the People's Film City.