Locations Scouting

Bhopal, as we all know is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city is more famously known as the City of Lakes as it has many natural and artificial lakes. The history of Bhopal dates back many centuries to the Paramara Dynasty that reigned during 1000 AD - 1055 AD. Even though there are not much archeological evidences to prove the naming of the city, there are more than one claims about the same.

Old Bhopal is a beautiful place and its beauty is enhanced with the help of its historical monuments and places. Being the 14th largest city in India, Bhopal surely holds a cultural heritage and hence it is mostly known for being the place that has most number of Institutes of National Importance.

Its ecological structure also includes hills and it has a humid subtropical climate. Many monuments of Bhopal are now a UNESCO world heritage site. At every passing era, rulers and their dynasties have constructed wonderful mahals, masjids and other monuments, all of which are still intact and their beauty still holding intact.

Of all the historical places in India, Bhopal is surely the one that has too many fascinating stories to tell and the monuments and the archeological structures are just the living examples of the same.