VIP Road

The VIP Road is a long wide road created in the People's Film City for on-road shoot. From jogging to a romantic brisk walk, this is an ideal location for all. With the beautiful sunrise at the backdrop, this cemented road is one such outdoor location one would surely like to have their sequences shot in. 
This VIP Road surrounds the Taj Hotel and has the best view of it. Covering a vast area of 1,00,000 Sq. ft, this VIP Road has both side sitting available. So if you are in the People's Film City and out on a walk, you can take a little rest in any of those side seats. 
You may think of taking a small halt while your exploring the exotic world inside the People's Film City. If you are nearby the VIP Road, you have got the best place to halt. The availability of street lightings across the VIP Road can make it look more like a beautiful highway than any other road. 
The beauty of this VIP Road can also be enhanced with the mannequins that will attract your attention. There are many creative Ajanta Ellora mannequins available in the VIP Road that can make you feel you are not alone.